The King's Raid General Beginner’s Progression Guide by Pearlite

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Welcome back­ to another guide by your friendly neighbor Pearlite! This time we will be focusing on a progression guide for newer players that are confused by all the contents.

First and foremost – some useful links! The Beginners Guide is useful for more detailed descriptions of different game contents. It has everything from game slang to how to spend your rubies (hereafter referred to as roobeez). He also wrote this General F.A.Q that’s useful for new players. The super outdated General Team Building Guide by yours truly, just read the concepts and ignore actual suggestions. I also wrote a BD Raid Guide back then, take a look at it when you get to raiding.

My good pal Nido, Aisha hater Meph and I also maintain this Tier List. It should be decently accurate, although, as usual, there is no objective tier list in existence. Take it with a grain of salt (even more salt if we’re too lazy to update it).

There’s also the WIKI, which is useful but takes time to update whenever there’s an update (and don’t trust the tier list in it, I’ll bet you 10 George Washington’s each hero is rated by their own players).

I also made this totally not shameless plug Stat Calculator site (krcalc.com) to mainly calculate stats after soft cap, which also proudly hosts this guide. However, I would like to point you to the Mask of Goblin Database, which is cleaner than my site and contains many useful info. It also finally has a stat calculator in it. Looks at TRAPPED.

Lastly, there’s this short summary to each heroes: A Layman’s Guide to King’s Raid Heroes although that guide is not updated as often it’s mostly accurate despite balance changes.

Now that we got the useful links out of the way, let us begin!

Early Game

First and foremost, follow the tutorial. Early chapters are easy, go with the flow. As you slowly receive your tickets, you want to focus on your main team ASAP. Don’t let having a UW (Unique Weapon) stop you from choosing a character. Look around for videos, watch streams, read other guides, go look at hero skills in game. You want to settle on a favorite main dealer and team direction ASAP. Don’t bother whether magic or physical teams, it’s full of bull. You’re gonna problems throughout the game with either anyway. Make up your mind which main you like, then build either a physical, magical, or in some cases a hybrid team around your favorite hero.

You’re gonna have a 2* ticket, 3* ticket, 5* ticket. Clause will be rewarded by finishing ch1 normal mode. Beware that newer heroes aren’t on the tickets, you can check which heroes you can redeeming by using the tickets themselves. If you aren’t sure what is and is not, just ask in the Reddit’s weekly question thread and someone will answer you.

[Potentially outdated info]: As of right now – Feb 4, 2018, my suggestion is to use Clause as your tank regardless of team type. His protection ability is too good. (If you don’t want Clause, please still try to use a knight as tank.) Main DPS is on you, support/SubDPS/CC on you. Just keep using Frey as the healer, you’re gonna use her late game anyway. You may visit the tier list Nido, Meph and I made to see what’s good (assuming it’s not outdated), but at the end of the day it’s up to how you build your team and not a page of arbitrary SSS’s.

Once you have your team setup, stick with it. The general rule of thumb used to be x stars = chapter x. However, with the recent max-level and exp rework, you can level heroes beyond the normal chapter level with the same stars now. Let me reiterate this: level matters A LOT in this game. The damage equation factors in level differences, and a level discrepancy of 5 can easily make something unbeatable seem easy. Basically, say you’re in ch4, rush your heroes to level 40 ASAP. Rinse and repeat and the rest should be history.

Random Redditor: Hey, I can’t beat dis stage (insert freakin always that stage stage looks at 4-11 and 5-21), wat am I doin wrong?

Me: Show me your build.

Random Redditor proceeds to show an under leveled team with crappy gear, especially the healer is 2 stars behind.

Me: *facepalm*

What’s the takeaway? Spread out your resources within your team, don’t leave your healer behind. The common awakening/trans order is DPS-Tank-SubDPS-Healer. I disagree. It should be the most lacklusting aspect in your team currently, not always your DPS. Tank dies all the time? Either level your tank and awaken it, or you healer is too weak and not doing its job. Can’t clear fast enough (5-21)? Awaken your DPS. Enemy not being CCed? Your support DPS is probably too weak and missing half the time. I’ve had people insist that Frey sucks and the team is dying because of her. They then proceed to show me an under-leveled Frey. After a series of conversation, concluded it was the game’s bad design. *Internal celestial collapse, screaming and facepalm*. I’ll say it right now, Frey’s shield scales with her attack and skill level. Instead of healing, she shields the same amount a normal healer will heal, while her single heal should be enough to heal your tank (as your tank gets beat up at the front). If you don’t raise her shield value, any attack will go straight through it and kill your team.

Random tip: The “rarer” the armor, the more you can enhance it. Generally, epic armor to +15 should be able to carry you through early chapters. General lines to look for on DPS, support DPS and healers: Crit, Atk, Atkspd, Critdmg, Def Pen. General lines to look for on tanks: P.block, HP, P.def, M.def. You can worry detailed builds for specific heroes later on when farming drags, reddit is a good place to ask.

Random tip: If you can, buy the daily ruby pack. Both of them runs for $10 per month total. It should be enough to sustain double exp scrolls, and later on double gold scrolls. During hot time, pop the double gold scroll and run royal treasury, then pop the exp scroll and do all the conquests. Reset the most exp conquest if you’re severely behind in level for more exp. For the rest of the scroll time, run the most exp/gold efficient PvE stage you can to farm for exp and gold. Sell the useless armor for more gold.

As you slowly awaken heroes and progress, you’re gonna find resource is limited. I won’t go through specifics you can find more info elsewhere, but

  1. Don’t spread your resources too wide. In fact, I recommend not spreading out resources other than your main 4-man team (with the exception of maybe getting a Gau to T1 because so many people don’t have him for raids, but that’s still later on not early game). Don’t be afraid to save your hero tickets, you never know what content you want to tackle later on. No need to feel obligated to exchange every ticket like the majority of people in Reddit.
  2. There’s a thing called the loot booster trick to earn more frags.
  3. Plan out your trans/awaken accordingly. I recommend evenly getting to T2, then you can start focusing on your main DPS to T3/4/5 if you want.

While you progress, you will find many things in town. Consult the beginner’s guide for more info, but important include farming books to upgrade skills (side note: asking which skill to upgrade first is like asking if you should buy apples or bananas first on a shopping trip. Use your own judgement, just like you’d want to grab the fruits on the way and not head back to grab the other.), doing your arena for the daily achievement, recruiting new heroes, treasury, buy 1 thing from the shop (usually exp pots). You can worry about the forge later on. If possible, once you have access, start macroing LoH for those juicy UW frags achievement.

Out of town, there’s ToC. Do it everyday, and farm the highest level possible every day. This is your main source of artifact fragments and ultimately, artifacts. ToC resets every month FYI. I like to farm once in the morning, and once at night (10 hours apart basically). As for ToO, get as high the floor as possible, as this is your weekly main source for infinity fragments (you’ll also be crafting late-game).

Side note: some stockade stages have immunity or special requirements. If you really need, a 4* DPS with enough level (55? 60? No clue explore yourself) should clear hard mode easily, just support that DPS with good heals/tanks.

Mid game

By this time you should be in ch6. Complete 6-21 hard ASAP to unlock hell mode. Level up your heroes as fast as possible to tackle it. Common stage is the 1-8 with goblin mask. There are 2 routes from here on:

  1. Reach a high enough level to do ch6 hell mode. Farm tier 6 ancient equipment and awaken them (hey! You finally get to use the forge!) to 4* minimum. Take advantage of hot time to mass farm hell mode stages while leveling and selling useless equips to amass gold. When you reach level 70, you may start asking for carries from guild/discord groups. If not, level to 73-75, preferably also start working on Gau or raid-oriented heroes to support the teams, and start joining BD70 groups to farm for end-game equips.
  2. Alternatively, start faming BD60s. I don’t really like this as you move up super quick, but there are many who do this so no-harm.

Side note: I recommend joining the community discord (found in reddit). Watch streams to join their community discord, and also join active guilds. Start getting to know people and maybe run raids with people similar progress as you have. Stick and progress together, as you’re gonna need some friends late game!

Side note: Before farming BD sets, it’s advisable to have a juicy mana rune on your weapon. If you’re fortunate enough to have a UW, equip mana runes and slowly swap them to ATK runes as you swap to your BD set. As for your BD set, farm for ¾ perfect lines, then reforge the last line once. If it’s bad , use it as temporary gear and swap it out when you finally get your perfect one.

Side note: NEVER solo farm dragons. You don’t get much points for it. Farming in a party allows more drops, more coins, and a faster rate to farm for NPCs (as of right now, get Gladi. No seriously, it’s not impossible, it just takes time. He’s just too good.)

At this point, you should be fairly established. As you farm raids with a party, you will slowly build up a respectful team (save them raid coins for mass grinding T3 legendary gear for Gladi). Good gear is the secret to a well established, strong team. See my Nyx? 0*UW, with a proper team I can easily reach challenger tier in PvP, and do good DPS in various content. At the end of the day, it really is patience and the willingness to farm (or macro if you’re a lazy turd like most of us).

With this in mind, it’s time to proceed into late game and choose your main focus. What’s late game in a nutshell? Basically

  1. The ability to macro farm BD, and other specialty dragons (ID/PD sets for PvP, special heroes, etc.). Remember when I said to find friends in a discord group? Yeah, this is why. Start working on heroes that doubles for other contents but also good for macro farming.
  2. Decide what content you’d like to work on and tackle it. There’s PvP, WB1/2, Hard Mode dragons, and being a scrub.
  3. Farming more gears and getting more heroes. There’s never enough.
  4. As you farm for gears with a macro, gather raid coins and get Gladi and his UW ASAP. 16-18m to get Gladi, then another 16-18m for his UW. Oh and, 200m gold per Gladi/UW too to craft those legendary stuff you get from mass grinding T3 gears.

Late Game

Late game, where the real pain of raising heroes, farming more gears, and farming even more gold to sustain the needs is. As late game can be extremely specialized, I won’t be covering that here. However, I will make a quick rundown, and you can choose which you like to tackle first.

  1. WB (World Boss) 1 (Mtn. Fortress): This boss is weak to magic type decks. It’s very competitive to get top ranks in this boss right now so be prepared to take a good long time to prep for this boss. This boss focuses on proper CC rotation, good DPS and lots of amps.
  2. WB2 (Trident one): This boss is weak to physical decks. He has this BS water prison mechanic, but can easily combatted with LOTS of CC, as knocking him down removes it. This boss focuses on having lots of CC in your team, and a race to how high your Gladi/Mitra UW is. Fortunately, simply having 0* Gladi and Mitra is enough to get you to top 100 provided that your remaining slots are filled with proper heroes with sufficient CC.
  3. PvP: Not as recommended for F2P, as the meta changes often. However, investing in a solid team should easily bring you to masters 3. Contrary to popular belief, a high star UW is not needed. With dedication, a proper team, perfect gears, you can easy get to challenger.
  4. GRH (Guild Raid - Hard): As a guild gets strong, they start tackling hard mode of guild raid. I recommend gearing a decent team to tackle GRH (Mitra for early players). Once you get gladi, with proper support, you can easily do 3b+ on most bosses.
  5. Hard Mode raids: Easy yet hard. Once you get the mechanics down, the only thing stopping you is a perfect team comp. (Time to make friends to have a variety of heroes!). 100% requires maxed-out perfect gears (well… mostly). You get 1 each of legendary scroll for completing each one 3 times.
  6. Srubbing: Alternatively, you can join the scrub league and play waifu/hunbando simulator/collector. Whale the skins and watch the models all day.

And so you may ask, what did I do? Well, I’m fortunate enough to have played this game real early, so I was able to slowly tackle contents as they slowly rolled out. Here’s my current progress:

That should be it for now! Thanks for reading, and happy raiding!