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PvE Based on ch7 hell & UD
PvP Self explanatory
BD Black Dragon
*DH Based on *D Hard Mode
WB1/2 World Boss Earth/Trident
GR General Guild Raid, some heroes may have high rank but don't work well in some bosses

UW Reliance a / a-b
a Denotes minimum recommendation
b Denotes recommended minimum goal
0-5 0-5 stars
n none
null Don't need one

Tier Ranking
5 Top Tier
4 Commonly Used
3 Usable
2 Not recommended
1 Don't Bother
+ When used correctly, easily performs as rank above (e.g. 3+ means tier
rated as 3, but when used in the right team and situation, will perform as
well as a tier 4)
++ Requires specific build to work, but will work well (e.g. Demia works
very well in WB1 as a cheese stun-bar stunner with her T4 perk)
- When used incorrectly, easily bumps down tier